We have embraced traditional African art of weaving at illicia by incorporating intrinsic designs in our handle designs. Our handles have become the foci point of inspiration and medium through which we tell our story. We have pushed the norms of African weaving art by incorporating leather, rather than just using cloth or wool, into our handle designs. This simple

addition is; our philosophy is to create a sophisticated fusion of craftsmanship and quality- all the while pushing the limits. Launched in 2017 with the spirit of innovation as its guidance hand. Join our journey as we weave our story.


Illicia Founders Ilham and Idil Mohammed


A graduate of Accountancy & Finance, Ilham has worked in finance and the creative sector for the past 15 years. Her reverence for the chic and exciting world of designer handbags led her to pursue her calling to this art. Ilham founded illicia in 2015 and two years later, it came into existence. Illicia is based on its ability to create pieces that push the boundaries of industry norms. Our interchangeable handles are paving the way for an exciting new chapter in the industry.


With over 20 years’ experience in the luxury industry, Idil has worked in the top fashion houses and garnered invaluable experience. Since then, Idil has been working in the luxury housing market, designing homes and renovating projects from Switzerland to London and back to Ibiza. Her wealth of experience led her to join illicia as a co-founder and play a pivotal role in its expansion.


Italian Craftsmanship, Illicia


At Illicia, we have embraced traditional Italian craftsmanship and techniques in our quest for timeless handbags. We designed a collection of handbags and interchangeable handles produced with only the finest leather from sustainable sources. Thanks to delicate hand-stitching and keen eyes on the finest of details, each illicia handbag bears the individual artisan’s touch- so no two handbags are identical. Harmonious designs and quality sets illicia apart.We are here to lead the way.