The Journey So Far


The Journey So Far



Welcome to illicia’s very first blog post, where we hope to embark on a creative journey that is unique and impactful, hopefully expressing an ethos that is distinct from any other brand. We are thrilled to have you join us on this adventure and hope that you will learn to love illicia as much as we do!


Why illicia?


illicia believes in the power of personal choice, the power that beauty holds and the power of integrity. In a very dynamic world, we tend to forget the power we possess as an individual, a woman. We hope to build a brand that embraces the marriage between choice and community, where you are encouraged to be whoever you want to be.


illicia bags


When we embarked on this journey over two years ago, we wanted to design a handbag that demonstrates quality craftsmanship. We value and respect the strengths of the traditional Italian techniques and thus we produced a humble collection of handbags and handles produced with the finest leather from sustainable sources. Through each hand-stitch, a keen eye on the finest details, gave birth to a collection of timeless handbags.


In line with our value, we crafted an innovative way that makes it easy to change the look of your handbag at any time with just a quick change of the handles. All our handles are leather woven by artisans from one of the leading companies in the field of creative leather. Our classic bags combined with our interchangeable woven handles gives women the opportunity to make their own choice as to how they want to carry their most precious item in their wardrobe.


illicia is simply a reminder to us all that the choice is yours to make!

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